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Team comm: [community profile] thebetasquad;
Fantastic friendleader: [personal profile] tehstripe

Main Round Entry 1: All Clear (DW/AO3)
- John enlists, and things fall apart.

Main Round Entry 2: The Internet Is, Strangely, Not For Porn (DW/AO3)
- A prank gone wrong gets the beta kids stuck in the confines of Youtube.

Main Round Entry 3: Vow of Thorns (DW/AO3)
- Rose takes a precious vow when chosen as a priestess for the Elder Gods, but cannot stand to give up the three most important people to her.

Collab Round Entry: The Throne Room (DW/Tumblr)
- The four gods share their favorite stories.
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So I'm a lazy butthead who can't think of things to do without prompts, so we are doing an inner-team prompting session for bonus round 5! This is optional but hopefully fun. Also you can prompt Beta OT4 stuff if you like. Or prompt other stuff.

Basically just have board games involved somehow. 
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OK! Time for another bonus round! This time the theme is HISTORY which means that prompts should be made with a ship, just like round 1, and a time/location before the 1990s.

Once again, we can get points for prompting up to ten things, though that shouldn't be a difficult goal to reach, and the point structure for fills is the same as it was for the past two rounds. And again, we can't fill or prompt for Beta OT4, and you cannot respond to a team member's prompt.

One major difference, however, is the WORD COUNT. From now on, if you're filling with fic, that fic needs to have a minimum of 400 words. You also need to note your word count before the fill itself, assuming it's relevant. Not too big of a change, but definitely one to keep in mind.

Anyways, as usual, please feel free to use this post to keep track of your fills, or just to keep track of any other fills you may happen to really like.

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Alright, so the next bonus round is ROUND ROBIN FANADVENTURES which is about my favorite thing in the world. You can either start a story or continue a story somebody else has started. Some things to note about this round:

  • Again, we can't create or participate in fan adventures for Beta OT4, but we're still fine doing fills for the individual pairs within it.
  • You can't reply to a thread twice in a row. (or else it's not really a round robin)
  • You CAN respond to a thread made by a teammate! (different from last round)
  • Pay close attention to formatting for the title, because it gets a little messy.
  • There is no word minimum!
So jump on in and join the fun! And feel free to ask if you have any questions - I've done this round a lot in the past, so I have some experience.

Unlike the other rounds I think it's going to get really hard to keep track of how many fills we have, since they can be so short and quick, so I won't ask you to share your stuff in the comments here. However, you are still free to recommend threads you enjoyed or took part in! I'm sure there will be some great ones.
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So after a suggestion from [personal profile] strangeharpy, I'll be making posts for us to keep track of fills for each bonus round. This post has a double purpose:

  • You can show off what you've been doing in the bonus rounds! This way we can also keep track of how our team is doing as a whole.
  • You can show off works that other teams have done which you think are kick-ass. This way we don't have to scroll through 50 pages of bonus round to find something awesome.

If you want to show off something you've done, reply to the comment below saying "TEAM WORKS" with a link and the prompt.
If you want to show off something that another team has done, reply to the comment below saying "RECOMMENDATIONS" with a link and the prompt.

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 I'll keep track of all the gifts we get from Bonus Round 0 here! Be sure to go and thank the people who made them for us!
Also, feel free to reply to this post with any graphics you make yourself.
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Hey guys, so the HSWC has pretty much officially begun! So I figured I'd make a few notes here, to give everybody the gist of what's going on. Sorry in advance for the long post.

Firstly, I should have sent contact requests to all of you over Skype! If you didn't get one, then that means either Skype is being dumb or I managed to send it to the wrong person somehow, so please check in on those! I'd like to get a team chat together, like I mentioned.

Secondly, at the moment it looks like we are a six-man team. This could be set to change since there is a team-swapping period coming up in a few days, so we could either gain or lose people. Hopefully none of you are planning on switching out, but if you are, just let me know!

And finally, we now have two bonus rounds to play with! This is our first chance to start earning points, and in my experience, bonus rounds can end up being just as important as main rounds. It's also a lot less stressful if you're concerned about the competitive aspect in the main rounds, too! I definitely encourage you all to participate as much as time allows. Here's the basic rundown of how the two bonus rounds work.

BONUS ROUND 0 - Basically, you can make banners and graphics for other teams! It's a fun way to interact with other participants and sort of indirectly support any other ships you may have. As soon as we get some stuff made for our team, I'll make a post to start cataloging it. Be sure to thank anybody who makes us stuff!

Anyways, points for this round are capped at 10 fills. Not that you should stop making things if you have ideas after we hit this, but I think it's a nice goal to shoot for. We have one week to make stuff! 

BONUS ROUND 1 - This round functions more like Bonus Rounds tend to. Basically, people make prompts (this time with quotes as the prompt fodder) and then you can go along and fill any prompt you like in any way you see fit. 

For this round, we can get points for up to 10 prompts. This is super easy to reach! Just pick your favorite quote or lyric, add a ship on it, and toss it into the round.

This round also has unlimited points for fills, though they start decreasing in value the more we fill. But that's OK! Fill as much as you like, however you like. We have two weeks for this one!

And just a couple more things to keep in mind for bonus rounds in general:
  • Make sure you title your prompts and fills correctly! Our team name is officially Dave<3Jade<3John<3Rose, because we are the unlucky foursome ship with four names to alphabetize. 
  • You cannot prompt or fill things for Beta OT4, unfortunately.
  • You also cannot fill prompts made by teammates, so double-check if you see a prompt you like.
  • However we CAN prompt and fill for beta ships in general -  so our sub-ships like John<3Rose, Dave<3John, etc. are fair game.
I think that's all! If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask!


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